Broly achieves complete control of his Super Saiyan Transformation

By - BI Sasha
Written-on - March 23, 2024

Beast Gohan

Dragon Ball chapter 103 was released a few days back and there is so much to talk about. This release came after the passing of Akira Toriyama, the man who created Dragon Ball. May his soul rest in peace. This chapter was majority fight but there are some important points in there which I will talk about. You can read the chapter here if you want.

Ultra Instinct Goku vs Beast Gohan

This chapter starts off with Goku Ultra instinct facing off against Beast Gohan. So Beast Gohan was doing pretty well against Ultra instinct Goku. Goku Ultra instinct had the advantage at one point in time and later on in the chapter, it was Beast Gohan after building up his energy. Beast Gohan was really impressive because he’s on par with his dad. Beast Gohan was so fast at one point Ultra instinct’s evasion technique couldn’t keep up.

Goku later stopped his fight with Gohan because he wanted Broly to test out his strength on Gohan. Goku did this because he noticed Broly was very excited about the fight that was taking place. Goku also tells Vegeta he wasn’t fighting because he wanted to beat Gohan, he simply wanted to test how strong his son has gotten.

Broly can now control super Saiyan

Broly DragonBall super

Okay so, Gohan vs Broly was the second fight that took place during this chapter. Gohan had the edge during the fight, Broly later went Super Saiyan but this time he was able to control himself. This means Broly has finally figured out how to control his super Saiyan form. An indicator of this was the visible pupils in his eyes but Gohan still had an advantage.

Gohan won't be a contender for god of destruction

During the fight between Gohan and Broly. Whis asked Beerus if Gohan was fit for the role of God of destruction. Reading this manga, I’ve noticed this question is usually brought up. All these instances in this manga is most likely set-ups. Beerus denied Whis’ claims saying Gohan is too straight-laced to become a god of destruction. So far, that question has been brought up in instances related to three characters. Goku, Vegeta and Gohan. All three as of the moment are similar in terms of strength so we’ll see how everything goes in future.

Goku and te others retun to Earth

After this, Goten, Trunks and Vegeta got into the fight so it was an all-out Brawl. They later ate food which was a specialty of Lemo. Carmine and soldier #15 decided to quit their evil doing and open a pharmaceutical company after facing doubts from Gohan and his companions. This chapter concluded with Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten and Trunks going to pick Pan up from school .Goku encountered Piccolo after using Piccolo’s Ki to teleport everyone from Beerus’ home planet to Earth.


So this chapter made some points clear. First Gohan won’t become a candidate for god of destruction of Universe 7. Secondly, Broly has finally learned how to gain control of himself when in Super Saiyan. As of right now, it’s hard knowing which direction the story will be but we will see.


Beast Gohan

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