NES emulator made its way to IOS App store but removed by developer later on. Why?

By - Che Browndon
Written-on - April 16, 2024

NES console

Some time ago there was a major update involving Apple Store. I wrote about an article talking about how Apple now allows Game Emulators in the IOS App Store. This update was made known after Apple updated its “Apps Review Guidelines”. There was a lot of excitement because of all the possibilities this new move by Apple would bring. For these game emulators to remain on the Apple App Store, it has to follow Apple’s guidelines which was mentioned in the updated review guidelines policy.

NES Emulator on IOS App Store

There was a brand new game emulator which can be found in the IOS App Store and it’s the NES emulator known in the app as “Bimmy NES” emulator. Some people might not have heard about it before but it was a popular console back in the 1980s and 1990s.

About NES

The NES otherwise known as Nintendo Entertainment system is a gaming console released by Nintendo in 1985. The NES was home to some of the most iconic Nintendo games in the past such as Games in the Super Mario Bros Series (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros 2., Super Mario Bros 3.), the Legend of Zelda, Contra, Duck Hunt, Punch-out, Mega Man and even Castlevenia. Just like most consoles under the Nintendo Umbrella, it had a vast library of games. The NES is a classic and it’s still loved by gamer’s especially retro gamers even though it might not be common today as compared to the past.

Bimmy-NES Emulator

NES emulator in IOS App Store

This emulator isn’t only for IOS users in the EU. It’s global which is actually amazing. Two hours ago users could search Bimmy-NES on your IOS App store to get access to the emulator and play popular retro games. The Bimmy NES emulator won’t contain every single game title that was present in the console but it should have a sizeable library. It’s known as ‘Bimmy-NES” on the IOS App Store.

Why Bimmy-NES was removed

NES emulator removed

Unfortunately, the emulator is no longer in the IOS App store. Because of all the hype it was getting, Bimmy-NES developer Tom Salvo decided to take it off the App store few hours after it made its way to the App Store. To better understand the context, I believe it was removed less than three hours(or maybe it was there before no one noticed) after making its way to the App store and all this happened today. Salvo did so because of fear and no one pressured him to remove it. This information was revealed by Zac Hall on his X account. The exact message of Tom Salvo, the developer of NES emulator says;

“I’m so sorry. I removed the app put of fear. No one reached out to me pressuring me to remove it. But I’d rather not have the risk”.


The Developer has valid reasons for removing this emulator. He was most likely scared of receiving a letter from Nintendo. As of the moment, it’s uncertain if the emulator will make its way back to the App Store but considering Salvo us trying to play it safe, don’t expect it anytime soon.


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