Himawari’s nine tails powers explained in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

By - Che Browndon
Written-on - June 23, 2024

Jura Boruto Two Blue Vortex

Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 11 is titled “True power”. Last chapter, Himawari got in contact with the nine tailed fox and Inojin got stabbed. Reading this chapter,the highlight was on Himawari and her new powers gotten from the nine tailed fox. If you haven’t read the chapter and you wish to do so, click here.

Himawari's new powers

Himawari in her new form (Kurama enhanced) broke free from Jura. It was revealed Himawari has advanced regeneration ability because her broken leg was instantly healed. Himawari just like kushina could control her hair. She used this hair to remove Inojin who was stabbed by Jura. In addition to that, she has the ability to heal others though it is limited. She healed Inojin but told Shikadai and cho-cho to take his to the hospital for checkup.

There was a short fight between Himawari and Jura. Himawari is super strong as she was able to punch Jura. She sent Jura flying with a punch which just reveals how strong she is. She also has the ability to create a tailed Beast bomb. There was a collision between her tailed Beast bomb and that of Jura’s. Her hair was used in creating the form of the Biju Bomb.

Sarada faces Hidari

The second fight which took place in this chapter was between Sarada, Konohamaru, Sumire and Hidari. This wasn’t really a fight as the highlight was on Himawari. Hidari got wounded by Sarada’s chidori. He regenerated himself by going through a belt strap. I don’t know if its going to apply to other claw Grimes or if this ability is exclusive to Hidari but time will tell. Hidari was basically fascinated by Sarada especially her Sharingan. Using a belt strapped to the ground, Hidari attacked Sarada with the Chidori. There was another ninja alongside the three who got burned while trying to attack Hidari. He also beat Konohamaru and Sumire.

Boruto arrives

Jura was seen beating up Himawari. He praised her healing powers and compared it to that of a Biju as opposed to a human or Jinchuriki. Himawari could no longer do anything because Jura was simply too strong for her. This chapter concluded with Boruto saving Himawari and Sarada. Boruto flew to Himawari saving her and teleported via flying raijin to Sarada’s location saving her from being devoured.


Ok I loved this chapter though there are some criticisms. Sarada hasn’t used any other technique in the manga except for Chidori. I get the focus on this chapter was on Himawari but at least something new from Sarada would be better considering her arsenal of techniques. Konohamaru still seems useless. He did reveal a new Rasengan which might be considered progress. I am loving Himawari’s new form and I love the personas of Jura and Hidari.


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