How YouTube's new enhance Eraser tool affects music copyright strike

By - Che Browndon
Written-on - July 5, 2024

Youtube Erase song

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for viewing videos and also streaming. Since its creation, the platform has done has evolved in several ways both good and bad. Because of its popularity and its global reach, it has attracted a lot of content creators which has helped boost the platforms overall global reach.

Content creators and copyright

YouTube monetization is a situation whereby content creators on the platform can make money or receive funds based on either video views or advertisement but there are limitation about the type of videos expected to be used by creators. YouTube has a policy which prohibits copyrighting. Copyrighting in this context means content creators on YouTube using something that wasn’t created by them on their videos. The most common occurrence in this case is the use of soundtrack and images which are not freely licensable to the public for use. This has been problematic for some content creators especially those reviewing TV shows, movies, music and anime as their videos can get copyright strike leading to the removal of the video and the channel in its entirety.

Enhance Eraser tool

Fortunately for content creators, YouTube just announced the brand new enhance eraser tool. Enhance Eraser tool is an update of the new feature “Erase song”. This new update lets content creators remove copyrighted music from a creator’s videos. What makes this feature impressive is that it removes the copyright music while leaving the rest of the video such as dialogue and sound effects intact. This information was released across several social media platforms, one being YouTube itself. The CEO of YouTube, Neal Mohan also spoke about new feature on X.

Eraser Song

Before the launch of this new feature, “Erase Song” was a beta feature which released in the past but at the time, it was designed to remove licensed content on YouTube. This new update enhancing the eraser tool is going to be beneficial to content creators on the platform. Now with the new AI powered algorithm, it will be able to remove copyrighted audio while allowing other versions of audio in the video

How to access this feature

Erase song Youtube

Accessing this new feature is similar to that Erase song but with brand new features. During the video copyright detail page, click on select action on the right hand side. You then choose the option Erase Song. Once you click on erase song, you’ll see two different options which are Erase song (remove the claimed song in all detected segments while keeping other sounds such as speech) and Mute all sound in the claimed segments. You click on Erase sand hit “save”


Erase song is unfortunately flawed. In YouTube's support page, users were cautioned before using this new feature because it didn’t guarantee song removal. It was revealed the edit might not work if the song is hard to remove (depending on how integrated it is the video). Another caution emphasized was how processing times can vary once the edit has been made. Finally, the sound changes might be problematic if the video has over 100,000 views and your channel isn’t signed up to YouTube Partner Program Service.


This brand new feature will be available in YouTube Desktop and mobile in the coming weeks. No specific release date has been revealed but this new feature will be beneficial to content creators on the platform



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