ComicCone was created by Che Browndon, someone with a vision of providing quality and analytical information to the public across different domains be it health related, movie related and even sports related. My goal wasn't so far fetched as we all can accomplish our goals and after all. My main reason was to spread critical and analytical based information to the public without any bias and laying emphasis on not only the good but also the bad, not only the positive but also the negative. Like creating a dabate on something generally believed to be true or to be false.

What Our Logo Represents

As you all can see, our logo is basically a "C" with a Cone inside it, Symbolising ComicCone. This is because we see different aspects of life as an art, ranging from an individuals creation to the individual. Just like a comic, the artistic aspects of life, paint who we are and shape us to who or what we will eventually become. Society, the enviroment and life in general shapes us. It must have an impact on our emotions and how we see things

The Cone represents the different sides in life and in the world as a whole, something good happening now doesn't mean something bad wont happen in the future. Just because someone is happy doesn't mean the person wont be sad. A gift can be both a blessing and a curse which is why our gaol is to provide quality content while looking at both the good and the bad. Just like how there are multiple sides of a coin, there are also multiple sides to a story.

Writers passion

We also want to be emphatetic when providing content while being critical at thesame time.ComicCones Writers are indidvidauls who have that passion, that love of sharing thier hearts to you while being analytical and critical at thesame time. Writers have that passion of sharing thier hearts to the world which is why we give room for all who want to write but its currently limited as the site is still new and we have a goal of growing before allowing other share thier hearts with the world.


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