The positioning of ads will vary depending on content. Ads will will be placed on individual or sub pages. it will range either from one or two ads per article. Advertisement will not be placed in the general homepage and shall vary based on what the content is about and the length of the content . Shorter content will get an ad or no ad and long content will get more(max of two). Ads centered around 18+ adult content will be strictly prohibited as it has an impact on people especially when dealing with the younger demography This ads wont be accepted and content showing explicite images wont be condoned.

From time to time, important information will be advertized in the hompage especially when dealing with new features added to the website, the main purpose of these ads will be to let the readers know if anything in the website is going to be changed, added and removed and it shall clear, concise and wont affect the layout for better understanding.


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