Content creation here is pays huge emphasis on articles. These articles shall have some norms that controls its content. These guidelines shall control the form or structure of the content provided by the writer to the reader. The content will follow this form for a better writing experience. The form or structure will be as follows;

1) The Introduction

Here, a brief understanding of the writers view on the subject matter(what he/she is writing about) It shall also pay emphasis on facts about the subject matter and its definition to the general public. The Introduction shall give a brief introduction to what the works about.

2) The Body

The Body will be made up of the thesis which will confirm the subject matter and the synthesis which will either negate that subject matter or bring other cards and possibilities on the table. Just like how there are multiple sides to a story, there will be multiple sides to a content. Even if its positive, there might be some limitations which will be covered.

3) The Conclusion

The conclusion will basically be a summary of the work written with varying perspectives. Meaning it will pay huge emphasis on someones insight on the topic under discussion.


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